Online Data Capture through REDCapTM sets out to make your survey process easier by automating data entry and exportation. It also allows you to request one of our reports.


View our instructions

Click here to download our detailed instructions that you can refer to along the process.

These instructions provide guidance for: REDCapTM registration, participant recruitment, questionnaire/data collection, and viewing your data.


Register your site

Registering your site will give you access to REDCapTM for data collection.

Click here to access our site registration form.


Recruit participants

Click here for an example of a log to help you track participants.

Consider collecting Patient Characteristic data that will be paired with your Family Satisfaction data.

  • We can provide a report that compares FS-ICU data for two different subgroups of patients (e.g. survivors vs. non-survivors)
  • Click here to view and print our Patient Characteristics Form (this data would need to be entered in REDCapTM)


Administer the survey and collect data

Use one of the following methods to administer the questionnaire to a given participant. You can change your method of administration from one participant to the next:

Method A: Online Survey Participant-specific link B: Online Survey Site-specific link C: Paper Questionnaire and Manual Data Entry
Summary Your site generates a participant-specific link that can be opened on a computer or tablet onsite or emailed to the participant to complete at home. Responses are saved to the REDCapTM database. Your site saves their site specific link to the survey on computers or tablets located on site and participants are asked to complete the questionnaire. Responses are saved to the REDCapTM database. Print a questionnaire to hand or mail to participants. Once returned, staff manually the enter questionnaire data into the REDCapTM database.
Track participants (known Study ID) Yes No Yes
Use Patient Characteristics Yes No Yes
Location of survey completion On site and at home On site only On site and at home
Language English English Multiple languages available
Staff involvement Creation and dissemination of participant-associated links and maintenance of participant log. Once setup, this method is quick, requiring minimal preparation. Dissemination and collection of questionnaires. Manual entry of questionnaire data into REDCapTM and maintenance of participant log.

View your data

You can automatically export your data to Excel, SPSS, SAS, R, or Stata via REDCapTM.

To avoid the labour of manually computing your own data, consider requesting one of the four reports we provide.